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Sports plays and important and integral part in the daily life of the Lamont Centre.

Currently, the Lamont Centre has a sports team of 23 members. Many of the Sports Team members had never played sport competitively before becoming a member of this team. Sport has certainly enriched the lives of every team member. The members of the team have built a strong sense of team spirit by working together, learning and competing against one
another. Sport has provided a strong growth in the team's self-confidence, ambitions and abilities.

In 2001, the Lamont Centre organized the first paralympic event in Cluj - the Transylvanian cup. The event comprised of competitions in chess and table tennis. 95 sportsmen and women from Hungary and Romania competed in this three-day event. The objective was to initiate paralympic competitions in Cluj and to demonstrate that these events could be considered as high profile. In addition, it was an opportunity to encourage people with disabilities to take up sport, practice teamwork, take pride in their accomplishments, to compete nationally and internationally and enrich their lives
through sport.

As a result, the Transylvania International Cup has become an annual, international, and well-publicized event. 2006 saw an expansion of the event to include basketball as well as athletics, chess and table tennis. Over the past six years the Lamont Centre Sports Team has become nationally and internationally recognized. Participating in International
Paralympic Table Tennis events has now become a regular occurrence with four Lamont Centre Sportsmen now featuring in the Table Tennis World Ranking List.  In 2005, two of them represented Romania at the European Paralympic Championships in Lido de Jesolo, Italy 

and in 2007 three will participate in the European Table Tennis Championships in Slovenia.

Between the 11-16 June 2008 the Lamont centre will host the Second Romanian International Table Tennis Open for People with Disabilities.
See for more information. This year we have over 20 countries coming including China, Japan and Argentina!

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